June 2015

Respect your readers

Respect Is the Writer's Bedrock
In this world swimming with scandal, corruption, injustice, and flat-out lies, it can be a little disheartening to exist at times, at least for those who've refused to get swept up in this churning river of mud. Even if you're not having to fight for your basic civil rights, you've no doubt felt the sting of disrespect, mistrust, or that little pinch of doubt as you signed on the dotted line of contract X or shook the hand of person Y, at some point in your life.

Why we write

In my inaugural blog post for The Write Practice, I asked three key questions: who you are as a writer, where you’re going, and what you need.  Today, on this first day of a bright new year,* I would like to invite you to make a commitment.

Unfurl your sails: three questions writers need to ask themselves

The average lifespan these days, at least in the US, is 78.6 years.  Depending on when you officially decided that you either are, or want to be, a writer, as in, a published, professional, and yes, paid author, you have X years left to practice your craft and claim your spot in the long literary line of writers and scribes since the dawn of history.  While you do the math on that, I've written this very first official Birgitte's Write Practice blog post to ask you what you need help with the most.

Silicon Valley in the eyes of its young

If you do nothing else in Silicon Valley, you can keep busy every day of the week hopping from one conference, meetup, panel, or event to another. Star speakers intermix with rising stars, food and drinks are plentiful if not always ultra-healthy, and especially for those who can put on a good social face, networking opportunities abound.