April 2015

The importance of U-turns

Have you ever had to make an unexpected U-turn?

About a year ago, I was driving to a meeting at Hidden Villa, a local organic ranch where I was supposed to do a children's program on chocolate. At a traffic light, I could feel my heart swell and pound out a few heavy heart beats that didn't feel all that regular.  My left arm tingled a bit, although that could have been because I was resting it wrong on the car door.

Turn on your Muse

Note: The original version of this post was first published on The Write Practice on September 1, 2013.

Rhetorical question: do you listen to music? What are the songs you keep coming back to savor, over and over again, no matter how “dated” they may be? Whatever your musical taste, there’s a reason to plug in those headphones—or turn on that hot new stereo system you just bought: music enriches your writing.