Chocolate has been famously paired with wine, tea, coffee, cheese, nuts, and fruit—even blended drinks. Introducing a new pairing that stimulates your sense of smell, taste, and touch, together with your sense of wonder and imagination. I call it “Book-to-BarTM.”

This gorgeous coloring book is the companion to the mythic fantasy The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree.

Meet—and color in—all your favorite characters: Max, Itzel, Juan, Doña Victoria, and of course Luna the

Readers call it "addictive" and "enthralling." The School Library Journal calls it "unique." And Foreword Reviews chose it as one of this summer's top six YA books. Slide down the chocolate rabbit hole with Max and Itzel and you'll see why!

They say an image speaks a thousand words—these images speak millions.

What is true vision?

Electric cars and solar cells, stock markets and mobile phones, coffee and cargo ships, footsteps on the moon and the half-life of songs. 

Can a patient's silence kill the doctor?

A respected physician in Cordoba, Spain, receives a mysterious phone call—a request to attend to the ailing daughter of a wealthy but secretive family in Madrid.  What

Living in Sacred Time

Guide to the daily energies of the sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar.