Poems 1 through 4

These are 4 of 5 poems I composed for my first novel, written when I was 13.  Each is embedded in a runic code that the three main characters of the novel must crack, and solve the riddle embodied in the text in order to break open a portal into another world.  The fifth poem has gone missing...

Poem 1
The Sun of Golden Tears shone pure
Upon lands of mirth and rivers deep,
Mountains high and seas azure, 
And forests dark of eternal sleep.
There tree of wealthy age lies still.
Under night's blue cloak of silver songs
That a silver light doth gently fill;
The voice of Luna woken longs
Among meadows soft to be, 
Where pools of fire glistening
Lie flaming in a silent sea, 
The wind forever listening
To whispers soft of ages old.
There crystal seas wave Silver Light
To tell of secrets never told, 
Silent under wings of unmoved flight.
O fire purged of silver-blue,
Speed thy tongue of worthy sail, 
and wake the stars of golden dew
To adores the heavens pale;
Rise thus high, but do not fail.
Poem 2
The Sea of Silver Plumes has flown
Long across the land of sea, 
Where the Silver Sun once deeply shone
Upon lands of fairness free.
Long has gone the ancient flame,
Yet strong it breathes by maker's hand
Upon the threshold of willful aim;
And message red across the land
Flies to greet the forests white
That cover secrets old and young
Deep within the Silver Light.
There gemstone clear doth lie among
the wings of Time laid soft and fair
Upon love's eternal song of peace:
Let darkened hearts be made aware
the flow of life shall never cease.
O ancient tree of boughs green-blue,
Wake thy limbs of silver-green,
And touch the sku of spelndor true 
For then live shall Itraltein; 
Stream clear dew, but be not seen.
Poem 3
The Land of Fairness Free lived true
Long through days of ancient song;
The Silver Sun then burst anew
Upon lands of splendor strong.
The earth of silver glimmering
Long has kept its silent heart,
The stars forever shimmering
In nights of stone far thrust apart.
There marble seas still flow unheard
Far through lands of endless sight;
In tales embedded, the ancient bird
Sings of cities old yet white,
Where chisel clove the statues fair:
By gems their glance intensified,
Of the sun their golden hair, 
And by song hearts beautified.
O mighty stone of marble clear,
Heave thy sword to heavens high, 
And cleave the heart of Elsatier, 
To ancient castles it doth fly;
Tell of strength, but sing no cries.
Poem 4
The Sky of Splendor True rose long
Ere mighty cities by hand were borne,
Noble lands by voice of song, 
And flowing robes by beauty worn.
In wine of sun there doth lie true
Of golden marble head of dawn
Veiled by songs of silver-blue.
Three dreams of youth upon the lawn
Await the voice of heavens white
To rise and wake the ancient eyes;
There eternal cross of light
Upon sands of gold impatient lies,
Its Triumvirate stands threefold proud
Upon banks of [...]
Awed by freedom's mighty shroud
Within beams of [...]
O stream of fountains clear and cool, 
Breathe upon the silver strings,
Melt with Heaven's golden pool
Upon Love's pure harp  fair Antil sings;
His voice flies far, unfold his wings.
* [...] indicates a lost phrase