Firefly Chocolate: one of our favorites! Firefly Chocolate uses heirloom cacao beans and honey or coconut sugar to sweeten. we have 100% Cacao, Maca Chocolate, and Coconut Cream. If you have a preference, please note it in the comments.

Nuts: Almond or coconut. If you have a specific preference please note it in the comments during checkout. Otherwise, we will randomly select coconut or almond.  IMPORTANT: If you or the person you're sending the bundle to are allergic to nuts, please do not select this option.

Fruits: A number of "fruity" chocolate bars are available. We have raspberries, cherries and orange. If you have a specific preference please note it in the comments during checkout. Otherwise, we will randomly select a fruit flavor.

Spice: Warning, Spice is for the intrepid chocophile only! We have ginger or chilies.

Mystery bar: Let us surprise you!  I have a small refrigerator set at just above room temperature full of all different types of wonderful craft chocolate bars. However please do not select this option if you have any allergies, just to be safe.


Note: Book-to-Bar bundles come exclusively with organic or natural chocolate bars from craft chocolate companies I have personally vetted and/or established direct relationships with. No artificial colors or flavors, no chemical preservatives (PGPR or TBHQ), no corn syrups or palm oils.

Additional note: You'll notice there is no milk chocolate option available. This is because the milk proteins in milk chocolate bars have been shown to cancel the health and nutritional benefits of cacao. In addition, some people are lactose-intolerant.


Birgitte Rasine

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Chocolate has been famously paired with wine, tea, coffee, cheese, nuts, and fruit—even blended drinks. Introducing a new pairing that stimulates your sense of smell, taste, and touch, together with your sense of wonder and imagination. I call it “Book-to-BarTM.”

Inspired by the phrase “Bean-to-Bar” that has started to percolate public consciousness, “Book-to-Bar” refers to great books matched with bars of high quality, high flavor chocolate. Our intention is to inspire people to engage on a deeper level with cacao and chocolate through stories, and to pair chocolate not just with great foods but with great literature.

This first Book-to-Bar gift bundle wraps up a signed copy of The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree, a special Tasting Notes card, and a bar of melt-in-your-mouth craft dark chocolate.

Book-to-Bar bundles are beautiful, unique gift sets, complete with tasting notes, just perfect for the holidays.

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